Kipp Coddington Elected to Chair Newly Formed International Panel Developing Carbon Management/Enhanced Oil Recovery Standard

Kipp Coddington has been elected to chair a new international working group that will develop over the next several years a new international standard governing the geologic injection of carbon dioxide for concurrent sequestration/enhanced oil recovery (CO2-EOR). Formerly known as Working Group 6 (WG6), the effort will transpire under the auspices of ISO’s Technical Committee 265 (TC 265) entitled “Carbon Dioxide Capture, Transportation, and Geological Storage.” TC 265 approved the formation of WG6 in Beijing, China earlier this fall. WG6 is scheduled to have its first official meeting in Berlin, Germany next spring.

Subject to critical aspects to include commercially demonstrating CO2 capture from industrial facilities and related legal considerations, concurrent sequestration via CO2-EOR is perceived by many to be an important climate compliance option for major fossil energy facilities worldwide in the years and decades ahead. In its pending re-proposed GHG New Source Performance Standards for New EGUs, for example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed that new coal-fired power plants employ carbon management via CO2-EOR as the means of compliance.